How do I change my plan?

CommsMobile offers the flexibility to change your mobile or data plan once every billing period without being locked in. Here are the steps to make changes to your plan:

  1. Log in to your CommsMobile account using the website or app.
  2. Under your service, click on Manage mobile or Manage data.
  3. Under the ‘Your plan’ section, select Change your plan.
  4. Choose the new plan and add-ons that meet your needs, and click on Review changes.
  5. Double-check everything is correct, and if you’re good to go, tap Confirm.
  6. Your new data allowance and updated monthly payment amount will take effect at the beginning of your next monthly billing period.

Topping Up Your Data

If you only need a little more data to get through the month, you can top up your data. Here’s how you can get 5GB of data for $10:

  1. Log in to your CommsMobile account using the website or app.
  2. Find the mobile or data service you want to top up and click on Manage mobile.
  3. Under the ‘Your plan’ section, choose Top up your data, and then click on Pay now.

Important Note for Data Plan Users

If you have a data plan, please keep in mind that the data expires at the end of each monthly billing period. Therefore, if you top up your data, be sure to use it within the billing period, or you will lose it.

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