How do I gift my data?

As a CommsMobile customer, you have the option to gift data to others on the same network. But how much data can you actually gift? 

The answer is simple: you can gift up to 50% of your monthly data plan included in your contract, in 1 GB increments. The recipient of the data gift must be an active CommsMobile mobile customer and you must have sufficient data on your account. 


Who Can You Gift Data To? 

CommsMobile allows you to give data to any active mobile or data plan customer on the CommsMobile network. Once you have gifted the data, the recipient will receive an SMS notification informing them that they have received data from your mobile number. 


How Can You Gift Data? 

You can gift data by using the "Gift data" button on the CommsPanel portal. To gift data, you will need to log in to your CommsMobile account using your username and password. 


Data Banking for Mobile Plans 

If you have received a data gift on a CommsMobile mobile plan, any data you receive will be added to your data bank and will be available for use as long as you continue to be a customer and make complete monthly payments on time. 

To gift data via the website, simply select the "Gift data" button and follow the prompts to log in to your account. 

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