How do I set up a hotspot on my phone?

You can set up your phone as an internet ‘hotspot’, creating an internet source that other devices can connect to – things like computers, tablets or even other phones.

There are three ways to connect other devices to your phone hotspot:

  • Wi-fi - connect using wi-fi internet (as if connecting to a modem)
  • Bluetooth - connect by pairing your devices
  • USB - connect by plugging in a USB cable

Keep an eye on your data

A word of warning for first-time hotspotters: it’s worth tracking your data usage closely – you can keep an eye on it by checking the data through your account.

If you’re streaming video on a linked device, consider lowering the streaming quality settings to reduce the data drain.

Setting up a hotspot

The instructions for setting up a hotspot are different depending on the type of device you’re using:


  • Keep your devices plugged in and charging while you’re tethering.
  • Turn off your tethering connections when you’re not using them to save on battery charge.
  • The range for a wi-fi hotspot is about 8–10 metres.
  • Use a USB cable for a faster connection.
  • You can’t tether an Android device to an Apple computer using a USB connection.

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