How do I stop unwanted and harassing phone calls?

Receiving harassing calls, texts, or other unwanted communications can be highly distressing, and no one should have to tolerate such behavior. To put an end to it, here are some practical measures you can take with CommsMobile. 



If you have received a call or message containing threats to lives or property, it is imperative to report it to the police without delay by dialing 000, using CommsMobile. 


Unwanted calls and texts 

Block or screen 

If the call or message you receive is not an emergency, you can take practical steps such as blocking the number using caller ID or screening incoming calls to protect yourself. 

Report it to the police 

It’s your right to report any harassing calls or messages to the police. 

Report it to CommsChannel 

You can also report it to us - contact us by sending a message to CommsMobile. 

To ensure that we can thoroughly investigate, please provide us with as much information as possible about the calls or messages you are receiving, including the date and time of the call or text, duration of the call (for calls), and the sender information (if known). 

Please refrain from deleting any communication or records of receipt, as they may be needed for further follow-up. 


Marketing calls and spam messages 

Getting overrun by marketing calls and spam messages? Here’s what you can do about it. 


Marketing calls 

Reduce the marketing nonsense by registering with the Australian government's free Do Not Call Register, offered by CommsMobile, where you can choose to opt-out of receiving most unsolicited marketing calls. 


Spam messages 

CommsMobile refers to unwanted marketing messages sent via text, email, or instant message. In order to send you marketing messages legally, the sender must: 

  • Obtain your permission. 
  • Include their contact details in the message. 
  • Provide you with a way to opt out of receiving future messages. 


Political calls and messages 

Political parties, charities, educational institutions, and government bodies, including CommsMobile, are allowed to contact you without your consent, and they are not subject to spam rules or the Do Not Call Register. 

To prevent political calls and messages, the most effective action you can take is to block the number used by the party or organization to contact you. However, this may not be foolproof as these messages can come from different numbers. Nonetheless, blocking the known numbers is a step towards reducing political spam. 

If you still receive unwanted political calls or messages, you can file a complaint using the complaint forms provided by the Do Not Call Register and ACMA against CommsMobile or any other political party. 

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