How do I transfer my number to CommsMobile?

Want to join CommsMobile and bring your mobile number with you? (Also known as ‘porting’ to the telephone wonks out there.) No sweat – here’s everything you need to know. Through the CommsPanel portal. 


What you’ll need 

When you activate your CommsMobile SIM, you’ll need a couple of extra details handy to make sure we can transfer your mobile number from your old provider: 

  • You’ll need the mobile number you’re transferring. 

  • If you’re transferring from a prepaid service (where you pay upfront), you’ll need your date of birth. 

  • If you’re transferring from a postpaid service (where you pay for what you used that month), you’ll need your account number, which should be on your bill.  Tim to ask IPND team* 


Getting your number transferred 

When you activate your CommsMobile SIM, we’ll ask if you want a new number or if you want to keep your old one. 

You can log into the CommsPanel subscriber portal and issue a request there.  


How long does it take? 

Transferring a number usually takes less than four hours, but it can take up to 36 hours if you’re transferring your number on a Sunday or a public holiday. 


Problems with transferring your number 

If you’ve waited out your transfer time – which can be up to 36 hours over Sundays or public holidays – you still haven’t heard anything, email us at so we can check it out. 

If there was a problem with getting your number transferred, you’ll get an email from us letting you know what happened and why. 


What to do if your details don’t match 

More often than not, number transfers fail because the date of birth or account number CommsMobile has been given doesn’t match the details held by the previous provider. 

If this happens, it’s a simple fix: just check the details you’ve given us, and double-check they line up with the details on your previous account. Once the discrepancy’s been fixed, we can try the transfer again. 

Just log in to the CommsPanel portal - you’ll see a ‘transfer failed’ update under your new mobile service. Just hit the ‘Update details’ button to edit your details, so we can retry the transfer. 

Still Need Help? 

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