How often can I change my plan?

At CommsMobile, we understand that our customers' needs change from time to time, which is why we allow you to change your plan size once per monthly payment cycle. This flexibility ensures that you can adjust your plan to match your needs without incurring additional costs. 


Moving to a New Plan with CommsMobile 

If you decide to change your plan size, we will move you to the new plan and pricing at the start of the next monthly payment cycle. From then on, the new plan will be your default plan and pricing, continuing from month to month until you make another change. 


Reducing Your Plan Size 

We understand that sometimes you may need to reduce your plan size. However, please note that if you choose to do so, we will not refund any money or remove data that you've already paid for on the higher data plan for the current month. We advise our customers to consider their data usage and needs before making any changes to their plan size. Please note that a downgrade results in your databank being re-set to zero so any unused data is forfeited. 

Still Need Help? 

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