How to allocate and activate SIM on Mobile Manager?

Once the order has been confirmed and SIMs have been delivered, Mobile Admins can allocate and activate the SIMs to the users. Follow the below steps:

1. Go to ‘Mobile Manager’ from the CommsChannel platform and click on ‘Manage Orders’. Go to the order that has been shipped and awaiting activation. Click on theicon and select ‘Manage’ in the drop down:

2. In the new window, go to 'Sim Cards' and 'click on the three ellipses' and select 'Assign User' in the drop down.

3. Add the user from the drop down and enter the SIM number mentioned on the SIM card. Select ‘Choose Number’ and click on ‘Assign SIM’.

You can also add a new user by clicking on add user icon if the user is not in the drop down.

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