Two-step verification

Every time you access your CommsMobile account, we employ security measures to verify that it is indeed you who is logging in and to prevent unauthorized access from anyone attempting to break into your account.

This increased security is important for protecting your account – and it’s also in line with the Australian Communications and Media Authority standards.

Two-step verification

For enhanced security, we implement a "two-step verification" process, meaning that whenever you attempt to access your account, we perform two distinct authentication checks to ensure the legitimacy of the access request.

The first step involves your password, and the second step requires either your mobile phone or email address for access.

This approach ensures that even if an unauthorised person obtains your password, they would still require access to your phone or email to log in to your account.

Getting set up for two-step verification

As a new customer of CommsMobile, when you attempt to log in to your account for the first time, you will be prompted to establish two-step verification by selecting a phone number or email address to receive a verification code. Subsequently, each time you log in, we will use the chosen phone number or email address to authenticate you.

Existing CommsMobile customers who are not currently utilizing two-step verification will soon be prompted to set it up when logging in to their account within the next few months.

Verifying you when you log in

Whenever you log in we always use two different steps to verify that you’re you – but there are a few different ways we can do it.

Step 1 – your password

You’ll always need your password to log in to your account.

Step 2 – access to your phone or email

Code sent by text message
Our standard approach is to send a verification code to your mobile phone.

Code sent by email
If there’s an issue with reaching you by mobile, we can send a verification code to your email address instead.

Facial or fingerprint recognition
If your phone has facial recognition or fingerprint recognition set up, you can use that to verify yourself when you’re logging in using the CommsMobile app.

Verifying you when you contact us

It is possible that we will require you to confirm your identity when reaching out to us or when our representative contacts you to resolve a problem. In such instances, we will send you a verification code through text message or email. This step is taken to ensure that it is indeed you who is seeking assistance with your account.

Lost your phone? Having trouble logging in?

In case you don't have your phone nearby for verification purposes, don't worry. You can opt to receive your verification codes via email to log in instead. It's important to keep in mind that this will require you to reset your CommsMobile account password so you can start the verification process again.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Go to the CommsMobile login.
  2. Hit Trouble logging in?
  3. Choose Reset your password.
  4. Enter the email address connected to your CommsMobile account and hit Send reset link.
  5. You’ll be sent a password reset email – open it and click the link to be taken to the password reset screen, then enter your new password.
  6. Log in to my account.
  7. On the two-step verification screen, hit Use email instead.
  8. Check your email for your verification code, enter it on the verification screen, and hit Verify. From now on you’ll get your verification codes sent by email.

If you follow those steps but don’t receive a password reset email, you might not have entered the email address associated with your CommsMobile account. If you’ve got another email account that might be the correct one, it’s worth giving that a try.

Changing your verification contact phone number

Got a new phone number? Here’s how to change where your verification codes get sent:

  1. Log in to my account on the website or use the CommsMobile app.
  2. If necessary, get the verification code sent to your email address and use it to verify your log in.
  3. Tap or hover over the small blue icon top-right of the screen, then choose My profile from the drop-down menu.
  4. Hit ‘Update’ next to your listed contact number, and follow the steps to change your number.

Think your account's been compromised?

Have you observed any unusual activity on your CommsMobile account? Have you been charged for extra services that you didn't request, or have you stopped receiving your login verification codes?

If you suspect that someone has gained access to your account, it is crucial to inform us immediately by calling 1300 044 116. We will investigate the matter and assist you in securing your account.

Additionally, you should notify your financial institutions and cancel any cards linked to your CommsMobile account.

How do I keep my account safe?

Here are some solid tips for keeping your accounts safe and scam-free:

  • Change your password frequently.
  • Don’t share your password or verification codes with anyone.
  • Regularly check your accounts for any unusual activity.
  • Make sure your devices and your CommsMobile app are updated to the latest versions.
  • Enable two-step verification on banking apps and websites.

Still Need Help? 

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