What do I do if I can’t pay my bill?

CommsMobile is committed to providing its customers with straightforward mobile plans without hidden surprises. However, unforeseeable events such as sudden illness, domestic violence, natural disasters, or unemployment can leave customers in a difficult financial situation, making it hard to pay for their CommsMobile service.

Financial Hardship Policy Assistance

CommsMobile is aware of these challenges and has implemented a Financial Hardship Policy to help customers in need. If a customer meets the criteria for financial hardship, CommsMobile will collaborate with them to regain control of their account promptly. Customers can send a message to CommsMobile via the website to access the Financial Hardship Policy criteria. Before proceeding, customers must log in to their account.

Bill Payment IssuesIf a customer's bill remains unpaid, their CommsMobile service will eventually be restricted, suspended, and finally disconnected. To learn more about this process, check out the "What happens if I can't pay my bill?" section on the CommsMobile website.

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