What happens if I can’t pay my bill?

CommsMobile is committed to providing its customers with simple plans without any surprises. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise, such as financial hardship, where customers may find it challenging to pay for their CommsMobile service. Financial hardship may arise due to various reasons such as unemployment, sudden illness, death in the family, or being affected by domestic or family violence, natural disasters such as fire, flood, or drought, or any other temporary or ongoing cause.

How CommsMobile can assist you

CommsMobile has a Financial Hardship Policy in place, and if your situation meets the policy's criteria, they will work with you to get control of your account sooner. To receive assistance, customers need to call CommsMobile at 1300 044 116. The company is always there to help its customers in times of financial distress.

Log in to your account

If you are not already logged in to your account, you will be directed to do so before proceeding with the Financial Hardship Policy.

Consequences of non-payment

If a monthly payment has not been made ten days after the due date, CommsMobile will reduce your service to include only emergency outbound calls, inbound calls and messages, and data speeds to a maximum of 1 Mbps. If the payment is still not made 25 days after the due date, CommsMobile will suspend your service, and you will lose your data bank. During the suspension period, you will see a credit adjustment for your monthly plan.

Recovery of service after suspension

To recover your service after suspension, pay any outstanding amount plus your next monthly payment by logging into your account within 60 days of the original payment due date.

Things you should know

During service reduction or shaping, customers will still be able to make outbound calls to emergency numbers such as 000 and 112.

Still Need Help? 

Call us for help between 9am and 6pm (AEDT) 7 days a week.

Call us at 1300 044 116