Introduce your friends to CommsMobile

Earn $20 Credit for Both You and Your Friend

If you're a CommsMobile customer, you have the chance to earn a $20 credit for yourself and a friend by introducing them to CommsMobile. However, there are some important details to keep in mind to make sure you're eligible for this promotion.

Who Can Participate in the Referral Program?

To be eligible for the referral program, you must be a CommsMobile customer on a standard mobile or internet service plan. If you're on a data plan, you won't be able to introduce a friend.

How to Refer a Friend to CommsMobileTo refer a friend, log in to your CommsMobile account and click on the "Introduce a friend" button. From there, you can choose which friends to invite and share your invite code with.

Limits on Referrals

There are a few limits to keep in mind when referring friends to CommsMobile. First, your invite code will only work for the type of service you have. If you're a mobile customer, your code won't work for a friend signing up for internet. Additionally, you can't refer someone who is already a CommsMobile customer. Finally, you'll only be able to earn a maximum of $200 credit through this program.

What to Do If Your Invite Code Isn't Working

If your friend is having trouble using your invite code, there are a few reasons why this might be the case. For example, they might already be a CommsMobile customer, or they might have signed up for a different type of service than the one you have. Alternatively, they might not have entered the code correctly or might have an unpaid bill with CommsMobile. If none of these reasons apply, you can contact CommsMobile customer service for assistance.

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